Videos are a nice way to publish your message all over the world. If you want to include your Videos from YouTube, Vimeo or an other Video Hoster you can include this in an easy way using our shortcode system.

  • You only must to type in the ID of the Video from YouTube or Vimeo, that's all
  • The output video is responsive so it always fits to the device where you want to watch
  • No complicated including of an iframe in a Wysiwig editor using extensions


How to use Vimeo Videos

Example: means your ID is 24195442


How to use YouTube Videos

Example: means your ID is Yq_6kEyIAcM

YouTube Widescreen

How to use YouTube Widescreen Videos

Example: means your ID is N966cATFWjI

Responsive iFrames

How to use responsive iFrames (works also with Flash Content)

Your iFrame embedding Code here
Attention: for including regular iFrames or Flash it's recommend to turn your WYSIWIG Editor, like TinyMCE, to off!