EverEdge – a brilliant, simple and long lasting way to maintain tidy garden edges. EverEdge flexible steel garden edging is easy to install, bends to virtually any shape and is available in a variety of colours and depths.

EverEdge is a patented, long lasting edging system for lawns, drives, terraces and flower or vegetable beds and is easily installed – the lengths are simply hammered into the ground. It is manufactured from mild steel with a galvanised and powder coated finish (in brown, black, green or silver) of with a Cor-Ten rusted finish. It is maintenance-free and will last for generations.

Each section of EverEdge steel garden edging incorporates pre formed spikes of either 95 mm or 100mm (depending on the length of the section). Sections are available with a thickness (gauge) of 1.6 mm or 2.5 mm, a depth of 75 mm, 100 mm or 125 mm and in lengths of 1 metre or 2.5 metres.

Durable: Made from 1.6mm gauge mild steel galvanised and powder coated or with a Cor-Ten rusted finish

Versatile: Bends to virtually any shape and suits all soil types

Unobtrusive: Intended to be mown over, colours are brown, black, green, galvanised or Cor-Ten rusted

Simple to Install: Our garden edging is hammered directly into the ground and easily interlocked with no extra pins, pegs or joiners – so very simple to install.

Easy installation, stylish and long lasting which is why theres a handy EverEdge brochure for more information.