Introducing Australia’s first synthetic grass made from sugar cane!

SYNLawn artificial grass products are the most technologically advanced grasses produced. So many choices… so many possibilities! SYNLawn is a lifestyle which not only saves money and valuable resources, but provides more free time for our customers to enjoy the important things in life. No more mowing! No more watering! Get your weekends back!

Beat the winter chill with our stock of Red Gum Firewood. When you order our firewood, you can expect a quality product and exceptional service. Our firewood is always well seasoned, undercover and ready to burn.

We deliver the best of firewood to Albury Wodonga and the surrounding areas. Whether you need it delivered or need a courtesy trailer, the staff at Peards Albury Landscape Supplies can help you out.

Reasonably priced to keep the whole family warm this winter or the next to come.
It’s worth a visit to Peards Albury Landscape Supplies.

1 ½ brick x 1 ½ brick – available in all trojanstone colours.

Pier Cap

Pier Cap

Jumbo sleepers are approx. 20mm thicker than a standard sleeper, all other dimensions are the same. Thicker steel reinforcing rods are used in the manufacture of jumbo sleepers. Once a sleeper wall reaches 1400mm in height jumbo sleepers are required. Standard sleepers are still used for the top seven sleepers in the wall. Note: when using jumbo sleepers the steel post size need to be increased to 150mm from 100mm. Jumbo sleepers are currently only available in the plain and rocktex. Approx. weight 75kg ea.

Maxi jumbos are longer and thicker than the standard sleeper. 150mm steel posts are reqd to accomodate them. Y16 rods are used in the manufacture of them. Appx weight 100kg ea.

Maxi sleepers are longer than the standard concrete sleeper (2400mm). They are only available in the plain smooth finish. Larger diameter rods (Y16) are used in in the manufacture. Appx weight 75kg.

Plastic Sheeting

Black polyethylene sheeting offers strength of clear poly sheeting with opaque black to further protect your products. Black poly sheeting can be used to cover and conceal a variety of products. It provides protection from the UV rays when used to protect loads in outdoor storage areas. Often called Builders Film or Builders Plastic and is commonly used as an underlay for concrete slabs and as a moisture and vapour barrier. Comes in two sizes or purchase by the roll and suits most applications.

Black polyethylene sheeting. All heavy duty 200 micron.
Available in either 2m or 4m widths. Can be purchased by the roll or lineal meter.